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  • Certification of environmental friendliness with product compliance with the strict regulations imposed by the brand OekoTex Standard 100 in our items in 100% long-staple cotton , our brands: "MENOUFI EXTRA", "EXTRA LONG STAPLE", "POLLINO EXTRA", "ALFA KOMPACT" and "DELTA COMPACT".
  • Self-certification stating that the 100% cotton yarns are produced from carefully selected raw materials and are machined with triple-check (manually entry into the fray cotton, optical equipment type Jossy Systems at the time of preparation of the mixture and winding with optical clearers) in order to contain to the maximum the pollutions from coloured foreign material.
  • Self-certification of compliance of the internal manual of procedure, constantly updated, concerning the control and traceability of the product from the entrance of raw materials to the finished product output.
  • REACH Certification – European Regulation 1907/2006 and monitoring relative of the chain supply of the product.
  • Certification attesting the non-allergy of the European AISI 316L stainless steel used by us and the compliance with the European standards regarding the use of steel in products in direct contact with the skin. To this end, particular attention has been paid in the selection of the mix of materials that make up the AISI 316L stainless steel used by us.