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costruiamo assieme a Voi le trame,e non solo, del Vostro successo

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The area of Lake Maggiore, between the nineteenth and the twentieth century, was characterized by the emergence of a significant industrial development in the mechanical industry, food industry, but mostly textile industry.
In this positive situation the contribution made by Swiss immigrants in this area was significant and, among them, that one of Enrico Meierhofer, founder of Meierhofer twisting Mill, stood up.

Born in Weiach, Canton of Zurich, in 1877, he was called in 1900 in Selasca (Ghiffa) as Director of the factory Pio Molinari (already owned by Oetiker Spinning Mill), a well known local cotton spinning.
In this factory he introduced improvements and technological innovations experienced in previous positions of responsibility held in motherland (spinning "Reiter & C." of Glattfelden, "Ryhiner & C." of Basilea and "Bebiť" of Turgi).
He didn't neglect the human aspect, by building in Susello a comfortable boarding place that will host, for over fifty years, the local workforce and also devoting himself to many philanthropic local activities.

In 1924 he started on his own, in Susello, a modern factory for the production of twisted cotton yarns, in medium-fine and extra-fine counts.
He set up a mill in the location of a former carpenter's place, with the introduction of complementary activities to the twisting operation (singeing and reeling of twisted yarns), quickly creating an important local Company.
His efforts was recognized from King Vittorio Emanuele III with the honorary title of "Cavaliere d'Italia".

At the end of 1943, however, as a consequence of the war events and the lack of raw materials, the production was suspended to resume towards the end of 1945.
In 1946 his son Emanuele joined the company. Suddenly, the next year, Emanuele took the lead of the company, as consequence to the unexpected death of his father.
From the early 1950s Emanuele Meierhofer extended several times the factory, for adapting it to the growing production demands, both in terms of volume and quality of the product required from the market.

The maximum attention was constantly dedicated to technological innovations, with a constant relationship of cooperation with suppliers in the development of new machineries and innovative devices for twisting (Hamel before and Savio later) and singeing (Mettler), helping achieve significant improvements on them.

In a few years the quality standard of "Ritorcitura Meierhofer" became a benchmark for quality, at European level, in the production of twisted and gassed cotton yarns in the range of fine and extra fine counts. This yarns were used primarily for the production of high-end shirting fabrics.

With Enrico Meierhofer junior and the brother Adriano, joining the Company respectively in 1978 and 1980, Ritorcitura Meierhofer is now living its third youth, with a push forward into the future of high hopes.
The two brothers realized that a lot of Customers in the clothing industry were looking for more innovative products that had to meet new needs and new requirements both from a visual as well as tactile prospective. Great importance is therefore placed in the study of new highly performing yarns, merging their own technical know-how to the inventiveness of Designers with whom they started a close working relationship.

At the turn of the Millennium the production unit was expanded and, nowadays, it's developed on about 7,500 square covered meters, replacing the obsolete equipment with new plants, for the twisting, but especially for the singeing and the rewinding operations with electronic clearers. Gradually the structure has been transformed, in order to be able to meet market needs, more and more towards in finding innovative yarns, both for composition and structure, but always produced in very short times.

Today, the Company presents itself as a point of reference in high quality yarns production, for the most demanding segment of the clothing market, having been able to skillfully marry the cotton yarn with other ones such as wool, linen, stretch and to high-tech filaments as carbon or stainless steel AISI 316L.

With pride we can say that, today, many of the leading names of textile and clothing word, are, directly or indirectly, our loyal Customers.